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4 Signs That Indicate You May Have Termites In Your Home

4 Signs That Indicate You May Have Termites In Your Home
08 Jul2019
Termites are basically pesky little creatures, which can cause huge damage to your house. They have been said to cause billions of damage every year. They are actually called silent destroyers and need moisture, food & warmth for survival. If you want to know whether your house is infested with these silent destroyers, you need to know about the signs, which indicate that your house is actually infested with these unwanted guests. After all termite control is very necessary. 
You'll get to hear some kind of sounds
When you hear clicking sounds from your walls know at once that it is the soldier termites that are banging their heads against wood or shaking their bodies as their colony is being disturbed. They do this to signal other termites of the danger. Worker termites create noise. They are actually noisy eaters. So, if you get to hear a munching sound that comes from any wood, then also you should know that your house is infested with termites. 
See if there are flying termites 
If you see flying termites, you should know at once that your house is infested with these pesky little creatures. There are some species that swarm during the night and are usually attracted to the different sources of light. There are also a few species that swarm during daylight. However, all kinds of dry wood termites swarm after rain during a certain time of the year. Another sign is their discarded wings. The flying termites often lose their wings after they find their mates. 
Presence of hollow sounding timber
The dry wood termites generally eat wood from inside out, leaving just the paint or the thin veneer of timber. When you'll tap or knock on the area, which has been damaged by termite, you will get to hear a hollow sound. This is due to the fact that part or all of the timber that's inside has been consumed by the termites. Stories of termites mainly revolve around a problem being discovered when a vacuum cleaner goes through the skirting board or finger pressed to the door frame actually goes through. 
Tunnels in the wood 
Tunnels are hard to see from outside but if you get to see them in a piece of timber that's broken in or near your house, it's a definite indication that there are termites in your house. Different kinds of technology have been proposed to detect tunnels including electronic odor detectors, borescopes, sound detectors, X-rays, infrared detectors and microwaves but only some of them have been tested in the labor are actually in use. 
Termites can incur heavy losses. So, take steps beforehand so that they do not invest in your property. Adopt termite pest control measures in your home and ensure to keep them away from your abode. Get in touch with R.I.P Pest Management for termite control services in Hornsby.
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