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6 Important Things You Should Know About Termites

6 Important Things You Should Know About Termites
29 Apr2019
Termites are basically social insects causing billion dollar damage to properties every year in Australia. So, it is very important to control their infestation and get rid of them. Here are some important points you should know about termites. 
1. Termites, also called silent destroyers, have been around in our planet for over 250 million years. They secretly hide and thrive in the attic or basement area but show no signs of immediate damage. 
2. Although each of the species thrives in specific climates and eats various kinds of food, generally termites need four essential things for their survival. They include moisture, food, optimal temperature, and shelter. 
3. The termites remain very active where the temperatures are warm. So, when the temperatures are warm in the country, termites become the biggest threat. Different species can be found in warmer climates. 
4. There are indications of termite infestation. This means there are warning signs often left by termites. Indicators include hollow sound woods when being tapped, bubbling or cracked paint, presence of mud tubes on crawl spaces or exterior walls and temporary swarms in and around the house. 
5. Although termite treatment must be left to R.I.P Pest Management, you can take a few easy and simple steps for termite pest control in your North Shore home. Here are a few things that you can do to protect your house:
  • Keep the downspouts and gutters debris free
  • Install some screens on the exterior vents 
  • Make sure to store lumber and firewood far away from your house 
  • Get rid of moisture by fixing up pipes
Never allow these sneaky pests to put a hole in your wallet. If you are really bothered about termites infestation in your house, get in touch with R.I.P Pest Management for a free inspection. 
6. How R.I.P Pest Management Offers Treatment?
First, the professional pest controller would provide an extensive inspection of your property for identifying the particular species and activity signs. They would make use of various methods for targeting the behavior of dry wood termites and subterranean termites. They would suggest a personalized treatment as well as prevention plan keeping in mind the unique needs of your home. 
  • For subterranean ones, the prevention, as well as treatment plan, basically includes monitoring & bait stations, conventional liquid treatment and direct treatment of wood. 
  • For the dry wood termites, the prevention, as well as treatment plan, generally includes heat treatment and direct wood treatment. 
  • No matter which kind of termites have infested the house, the professional would offer you tips on the repairs that need to be made to make sure that the house is less prone to these pests. R.I.P Pest Management often recommends eliminating contact of wood to ground & moisture issues in order to cut down on the food sources and access points. 
So, if there is termite infestation in your home, get in touch with our experts. Act fast and make your property termite free. 
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