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Cockroach: The Most Common Pest in Australia

Cockroach: The Most Common Pest in Australia
21 Nov2014
There are different kinds of pests in Australia like termites, ants, borer, mice, rats, ticks, fleas, spiders and cockroaches. Here we are going to discuss about cockroach-the most common pest in the country.
Different kinds of cockroaches in Australia
There are different kinds of cockroaches and most of them spread diseases. The three main kinds of cockroaches in Australia are the Australian Cockroach, the American Cockroach and the German Cockroach.
  1. The Australian Cockroach is quite large in size. Its length is about 30-35mm. It can fly and is dark brown in color with visible yellow markings on the front wings and the head. This cockroach usually prefers plant food and is found outdoors; for instance among the woodpiles and under the bark of trees.
  2. The American Cockroach is the largest of all cockroaches found in Australia. Its length is about 30-45mm and is red brown in color. It has a pale yellow border around its head and is able to fly. This cockroach basically prefers moist and warm conditions and is a very common pest that lives in roof cavities, wall, drains, sewers, grease traps, rubbish dumps and cellars. It may be found around areas where food gets prepared.
  3. The German Cockroach is a small cockroach and is perhaps the most common species found inside buildings. Adult cockroaches are about 12-15mm long. They are brown/amber in color with two dark stripes on their head. They don’t fly. They prefer being near areas that have food, warmth and moisture. The species is found mainly around pantries, storerooms, kitchens and other food handling areas. 
Cockroaches and diseases
The cockroaches in Australia can carry a lot of diseases. Since their natural homes are dirt, rubbish, filth and dirt, they pick up germs from these areas readily and then they walk over cutlery, food, cooking equipments, tables, benches and other places in the home and pass germs on to people. The bacterial diseases include shigellosis and salmonellosis whereas viral diseases include hepatitis A and gastroenteritis.
So, controlling cockroaches is very essential. Implementing an Integrated Pest Management technique is the best way of controlling these species in a home.
How to prevent and control cockroaches?
Listed below are some ways of getting rid of cockroaches around home:
  • Wrap all the food scraps tightly and keep them in container that have tightly fitting lids
  • Store the food containers up off the floor
  • Ensure that the trash bin has a tight-fitting, undamaged lid, which prevents cockroaches from getting in
  • Empty the trash bin every day
  • Clean the inside and underneath portions of cupboard and shelves every day.
  • Keep the house neat and clean
  • Fill in the small cracks and holes where cockroaches can hide.
  • Ensure to keep the toilets clean and in a properly working condition
  • Ensure that the toilet vent pipes are cockroach-proofed
  • Ensure that the leach drains and septic tanks are not damaged and have sealed lids
  • If you find any dead animals or faeces in and around your home, throw them to your trash bin quickly
  • Get in touch with an Integrated Pest Management company like R.I.P. Pest Management for pest control. They offer professional pest control in North Shore, Narrabeen and Northern Beaches of Sydney. 
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