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Do Termites Actually Make Any Noise? Can Humans Hear Them?

Do Termites Actually Make Any Noise? Can Humans Hear Them?
08 Jan2020
Termites usually cannot be seen by a naked eye but damages that are caused by them are quite visible and must not be taken lightly. If you think you’ve termites in your Northern Beaches home, listen for these three sounds, which include rattling, papery rustling and hollow-sounds. 
While the papery rustling and dry rattle sounds are physically caused by these pests when they are in action, the hollow sound typically stems from the hollow voids that are left in wood by the termites when they eat through your property. Termites make these sounds when they travel through the woods in search of food. Careful listeners can hear these sounds that are created by termite infestations. If you think you’re hearing any of these sounds, call R.I.P Pest Management, a Termite Exterminator in Northern Beaches to be certain. 

When Can You Hear A Dry Rattle Sound? 

Termites bang their heads against walls of their tunnels when they are disturbed or threatened and that creates the dry rattling sound. However, termites are not able to hear any audible noise. They react to vibrations, which they feel. They use vibrations for warning their colonies of the impending danger. So, if you ever hear such dry rattles, you should know that there are termites infestation in your home. 

What Causes The Papery Rustling Noise? 

When worker termites tunnel through a wooden surface, a papery rustling sound is what’s heard. 

What Do You Mean By Hollow-Sounding Wood? 

When you tap on the wood that’s in your home and find that a hollow-sound is being produced, you should know there are termites infestation. 
These sounds are typically identified as termite sounds. They are faint and can hardly be heard. You may need a stethoscope to hear these sounds made by termites when they work. However, getting the hollow sound is easy. You just need to tap the wooden surface where you think termite is causing damage, you will be able to hear the hollow sound. 
However, a lot of damage within your walls can be made without you being able to hear any of these sounds. So, it is best to hire us for Termite Inspection as we will be able to best tell you whether you have termites in your house in Northern Beaches
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