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Features Of Termites

Features Of Termites
04 Nov2015

Termites are basically social insects can be broken into two main categories – subterranean termites & drywood termites, each having a different extermination method. There is a king, queen and castes in each termite colony.

However, these creatures have a vital role to play in nature. They break dead wood & other kinds of cellulose materials and are helpful to the ecosystem. But when they attack homes they are considered as pests causing billions of damage in Australia every year.

Being cryptic, you won't find them coming out in open. Detecting them also becomes difficult because of this nature. The workers, royalty, non-winged reproductives and soldiers – you will find none of them leaving their hidden area and so the colony is mostly never seen. But they turn out to be a destructive creature if left unchecked.

Nonetheless, when they become visible within the residential premises as flying insects, termites are mostly mistaken for ants. Some home owners in fact dismiss these pests as pesky ants & even ignore them without implementing any kind of extermination or preventive method letting termite infestations to grow at an exponential rate.

But flying ants have a lot of same characteristics like flying termites. While ants possess a distinct pinched waist, termites are tube shaped. They have wings of two distinct sizes whereas termite's wings are of equal size. Lastly, the antennae of ants have a bend or elbow whereas antennae of termites are straight. There is even one more distinguishing feature of termites – they have protective tunnels, which are made from mud and their fecal matter and saliva. These tubes basically act as the entry points for these creatures to above-ground food sources and are mainly located near foundation of any infested house. Ants, on the other hand, do not build any tunnel.

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