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Hazards Posed by Rodent Infestations

Hazards Posed by Rodent Infestations
09 Mar2015
Rodents pose a threat to both our health as well as our property. They invade thousands of homes in Australia. Their infestation can cause more than just a headache for the home owners. They search food foods and look for a safe and warm place to spend their nights often entering homes through small crevices and cracks. However, the main concern is that rats and mice spread many diseases and cause serious damage to property once inside. 
This is potentially a deadly disease. Hantavirus is transmitted to human beings by the infected rodents through saliva,urine or droppings. Humans contract Hantavirus when they inhale aerosolized virus. Early symptoms of the disease include fever, fatigue and muscle pains. People may even experience dizziness, headaches, abdominal problems and chills. Although rare, Hantavirus is deadly. 
Bubonic plague 
Also popular as 'Black Death', plague is very much a contagious and deadly disease. It killed about 1/3rd of the European population during Middle Ages. When an infected rodent flea bites plague spreads. It can cause headache, fever as well as swollen lymph nodes, which are basically painful in nature. 
This is a kind of food poisoning that is spread by the rodent feces. It happens especially through consumption of a contaminated food. The symptoms include abdominal pain, fever and diarrhea. Each year, thousands of cases of Salmonella are reported in Australia. 
Rat-bite fever
It is a systemic bacterial illness. It is caused by  Streptobacillus moniliformis, which can be acquired through the scratch or bite of a rodent or ingestion of water or food contaminated with rat feces. The symptoms generally take place three to ten days after exposure to an infected source and include vomiting, muscle pain, fever, rash and headaches.  
These rodents even have a tendency to destroy insulation in the attics. They chew through the cardboard, wallboards, wood and electrical wiring and cause up to 25% house fires in Australia every year. 
Their reproduction rates being fast, rodents can even go from being unnoticeable to causing a full-blown infestation. Home owners must look at prevention strategies and take steps to keep these pests away from home. If they suspect any infestation, they should immediately call R.I.P. Pest Management, the expert pest services in North Shore for treating the problem.
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