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How Climate Affects Different Types Of Pests

How Climate Affects Different Types Of Pests
26 May2017
Ever wondered why activity of pests generally increases after a heavy downpour? Or why there are more rodents like rats and mice during the winter season than in summer? In case you have, you ought to know that climate and weather conditions are bound to influence local pests and the way that they behave. Let’s take a detailed look at how different seasons and kinds of weather affect the common household pests:
Floods :
When there is a flood due to excessive rainfall, insects tend to emerge from their hideouts in large numbers in order to shift to dry ground. And most of the times, they end up invading human dwellings because our homes are generally the driest of all places during floods. The critter who exhibits this behaviour most often is ant. What’s worse is that ants can relocate entire colonies very quickly without being noticed at all in the wake of a flood.
Heavy Rains :
Critters hate heavy spells of rain just as much as we humans do. As such, you can expect to see a lot of creepy crawlies hunting for food and shelter on rainy days. The most annoying part is that an excessively moist climate encourages increased growth & reproduction among certain pests, including ants. There are plenty of other pests that you need to worry about as well when it rains, such as ladybugs, roaches, rats, spiders and mice.
Freezing Cold :
During the winter season, when the temperatures start to drop, critters begin to look warm shelters to ride out the cold. And human homes top their list of favourite winter hangout locations. Among the common pests that infest households in winter are included silverfish, cluster flies, ladybugs and box elders bugs. They usually start appearing around the end of summer and begin to occupy the attic & walls.
Hot & Dry :
Many people might assume that pests stay away from human residences when the weather is dry and hot. However, the truth is just the opposite of this speculation. There are a number of critters which find their way to our homes while in search of water. They include crickets, spiders, millipedes and ants. Millipedes, for instance, survive on mulch, leaf litter or lawn. But when these things dry out due to the hot weather, these insects can carry out a full-fledged invasion in residential properties to find water.
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