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How to Avoid Pest Problems In Summer?

How to Avoid Pest Problems In Summer?
10 Dec2015

Let’s have a look at some tips that can be used for controlling pests during summer:

  •     Unconsumed foods should not be left in pet bowls, for they will attract wandering ants, and rodents like rats and mice.
  •     In order to avoid flea problems, all pets in the house should be administered with fleas treatment. Washing their bedding materials in hot water regularly can help as well. Grasses in the lawn must also be cut short, because fleas love breeding under tall ones and ticks can use them as ladders for climbing on to unwary victims.
  •     All brickwork and eaves must be inspected thoroughly for spiders and wasp nests. Redback spiders, one of the most venomous spiders in Australia, often spin tangled webs near weep holes. If one is discovered, professionals dealing with pest control should be called in immediately for getting the webs and egg sacks removed as soon as possible.
  •     Large gaps in eaves leading to the roof should be sealed properly, or they will provide ‘highways’ for rodents wandering about in search of shelter.
  •     All doors in the house should be well sealed for keeping rodents out. Those who do not have good seals on their doors can purchase some from any local hardware store. Sheds and garage doors may require special attention, as they are the most vulnerable places to rats and mice.
  •     It is imperative to place garbage bins away from the house. They should be kept clean and washed on a regular basis. Since garbage provides an ideal spot for rats and flies to breed, the bins should be kept secured at all times.
  •     Foliage such as shrubs, bushes and branches of tall trees in the garden should not be allowed to grow against the walls or over the roof of the house. They can be used by a variety of pests for invading the premises during summer.

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