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How to Control and Get Rid of Spiders In and Around Your Home?

How to Control and Get Rid of Spiders In and Around Your Home?
19 Mar2015
Most of the spiders are not harmful to human beings. They spin their webs in secluded, quiet areas and are rather much beneficial in controlling other kinds of insects through consumption. But still their nesting in or around your home needs to be discouraged. Experts always recommend tolerance as well as capture and removal rather than killing to get rid of them. Here we have discussed about some non-chemical ways of getting rid of these creatures. 
  1. Keep logs and firewood away from your home. Clean up the leaves as well as the other organic debris from your yard. Trim any shrub and tree, which contact the home.
  2. Caulk or seal gaps and cracks in the structure of your home putting strong focus on the foundations and around the doors as well as windows.
  3. Windows and doors must fit tightly in their frames. They should have no holes or tears in screening. They should even have sweeps installed at the door's bottom edge.
  4. It would be great if you put efforts in reducing the insects, which attract the spiders. You can do this by replacing the standard mercury vapour lights with halogen lights or high pressure sodium vapour. Although its common to install lights on the exterior walls near the doors, its better to place light further away. If you ant you can also use pole lights whenever possible with light shining toward door for your safety.
  5. Spiders, which nest on the home's exterior should be removed with a long-handled broom, a vacuum or a spray from a high-pressure hose. Be sure that you remove the egg sacs too.
  6. You can discourage the spiders from building web indoors by frequent vacuuming and sweeping of the closets, corners, basements and other places that are out-of-the-way.
  7. When sweeping, vacuuming or using other means to remove webs, be sure that all the egg sacs are captured in order to prevent the new generation from taking birth.
  8. Eliminate or reduce piles of boxes, papers, bags and other clutter for reducing the potential harborage areas.
  9. Check plants, firewood and boxes before bringing them home to ensure that spiders aren't hitching a ride.
  10. You can implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to reduce spiders. If you are not aware of these IPM techniques, get in touch with pest control companies like us who can control and eliminate spiders from home by offering their Integrated Pest Management services. 
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