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How to Deal With Some Common Wood Borers?

How to Deal With Some Common Wood Borers?
05 Sep2015

Among the wide variety of pests that keep foraging our residential and commercial settings all throughout the year, there are quite a few who have congenital capabilities of causing damage to wooden items. While some consume wood primarily to satiate their hunger, the others drill or gnaw through it for creating an entryway. In the realm of wood borers, four insects are the most notorious wood destroying pests and attack domestic as well as commercial premises. They are termites, powderpost beetles, carpenter bees and carpenter ants, termites alone being responsible for property damage worth millions every year. However, there are several methods for controlling these wood borers and keeping them at bay.


These pests top the chart of wood borers. The worst thing about termites is that after invading a certain place, they can remain hidden from sight for a long time and continue inflicting damage until the destruction caused by them becomes conspicuous. In order to keep them from entering your property, you can apply anti-termite solutions on wooden items and create a physical barrier against these nasty pests. If they have already infested your property, it would be more prudent to seek professional help. There are a number of companies who deal with Termite Control in Central Coast. Most of them use bait and monitoring stations for effectively eliminating entire colonies of termites.

Powderpost Beetles

Second in the list comes the powderpost beetles. They are capable of punching holes of diameters ranging from that of a pencil to large oval cavities on wood. An effective measure of keeping powderpost beetles at bay is to apply shellac, varnish or paint on untreated old wood. Steps should be also taken for reducing moisture content of the wooden items.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees normally make nests in dead wood. Therefore, some of their favourite dwelling places are decks, posts, bare wood, soffits, wooden furniture and painted wood. Although spraying petrol, diesel or juice of citrus fruits can be effective, there are often dangers involved in the task such as getting stung by the bees. It is better to let professionals take care of the job of eliminating carpenter bees.

Carpenter Ants

These insects often build nests inside dead wood just like carpenter bees, but in the form of galleries with passageways and sections. Carpenter ants love to dwell in areas that have a lot of moisture. In order to keep them at bay, it is important to keep all places dry and clean. If spotted inside a household or commercial setting, they can be controlled with treatment solutions.

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