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How To Get Rid Of Possum's Menace?

How To Get Rid Of Possum's Menace?
25 Jul2017
The only way to get rid of possums successfully is to hire a professional. Do not ever try to do the removal process on your own because it may be futile in the end. Possums are a real menace not only to human beings but also to other animals. They love to steal the eggs of kiwi birds and feed on their chicks. Moreover, when they are in search of a place to get a comfortable nap, they simply force out the kiwis from their own burrows.
Why should you opt for professional possum removal team?
With the regulations implied on the Australian states, possum removal is a demanding task. Handling and controlling them can only be done through certified pest control in North Shore. The regulations say that possums can be controlled only if they inhabit a building or take shelter in the roof.
The most efficient and safest controlling methods
The expert possum removal team safely relocate the animal away from where it has been caught. After that, they release it fifty meters away from the affected point. Possums are not harmed, but are trapped as per what the regulations indicate.
Possums: a threat
Possums are a nuisance to farmers. They are the carrier of a fatal disease which is known as bovine tuberculosis, that affects domestic animals like cows and sheep. If an animal becomes afflicted, it experiences bad cough and sickness. If the animal is not treated properly, it may face death. 
Possums love to climb trees and this is why they love sheltering in the roofs of dwellings. They urinate on the roof which leaves a yellow stain on the ceiling and walls. They can also leave fecal matter throughout the space of the roof, leaving extremely putrid smells.
Getting rid of possums 
Possums living inside your roof can be disastrous. They are generally non-aggressive animals but can create unsanitary conditions within your home. Apart from relocating the possums, you can also use motion activated lights or sprinklers. Place the motion activated devices where possums are frequently seen. The probable places are – the entrance of your house and around fruit trees.
Motion activated devices frighten the possums once they cross the sensor. On the contrary, sprinklers are types of lights which are used to frighten them in a much effective manner than the former.
Well, calling the experts is a wise choice as they can trap the possums and let them release far away from your home.
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