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How To Keep Pests Away From Offices?

How To Keep Pests Away From Offices?
30 May2016

Residential premises are not the only places that pests can invade. Sometimes, creepy crawlies, bugs and pestering rodents also gain entry in offices in search of food and shelter. Critters infesting a workplace can not only affect employees adversely, but also have a negative impact on clients and cause them to form bad impressions about a company. In order to maintain a pest-free office and present a good business image in front of customers, it is important to exercise some good preventive measures. A few of them have been described below in detail, have a look:

Keeping The Food Areas Dirt-Free

Every office has a common eating area for employees to have their meals during lunch or recess. This area can become dirty if the management is not careful enough to ensure regular cleanup jobs. Once that happens the food crumbs left behind is bound to attract various kinds of pests, particularly cockroaches, ants and flies. A good way to prevent this problem is by placing trash bins in the dedicated feeding space. In addition to that, all spills should be wiped and removed as soon as possible. The management should also ensure that no employee eats his or her food while at their desk.

Maintain Garbage Disposal

Outdoor as well as indoor trash bins of an office must be secured with tight lids so as to keep the garbage from falling out and onto the floor or ground. In case an outdoor trash bin overflows, buying another bin might help in solving the problem. Overflowing or uncovered trash can provide shelter to ants, flies, bees, rats, and even wasps. Therefore, both indoor & outdoor spots should be maintained for preventing insect and rodent infestations.

Reporting Sightings Of Pests

Sometimes, it may so happen that an employee encounters a few ants or a single mouse within an office premises. He or she must take no time in reporting the pest sighting to the manager. Even if a lone rodent or bug seems innocuous, their presence can mean that more are lurking around inconspicuously. Once the manager gets to know about the presence of pests in the workplace, he or she should get in touch with a pest control professional right away.

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