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How To Pest-Proof Your House Before Winter?

How To Pest-Proof Your House Before Winter?
06 May2016
It can be surely said that winter is on its way because the winds have already started to get chilly along with the gradual drop in temperatures. Unfortunately, it is also the time when different types of pests such as rodents, possums, bugs, etc. start invading homes in search of food and shelter. These annoying creatures can create health problems for homeowners by contaminating food sources. Hazards posed by rodent infestations  can also include fire accidents from mutilated wires.
Prevention is the most effective method for dealing with such pests. Implementing a handful of preventive measures can easily help to keep them at bay during winter. Some of the best measures have been mentioned below. Have a look at them if you wish to pest-proof your house prior to the arrival of winter:
1. Address All Home Repairs Immediately
If regular wear and tear or summer storms have left your house vulnerable to invasion of pests, now is the time for you to have some good repairwork done. It will go a long way in keeping your abode free from the intrusions of rodents or possums.
2. Inspect Your Perimeter
Cracks in walls or foundation, doors or windows with gaps, improperly sealed outdoor vents or plumbing and broken screens can make your home easily accessible for pests. Make sure you inspect the perimeter of your house and seal all such entryways.
3. Manage Water
Gutters with poor drainage, leaky pipes, puddles, etc can provide pests with one of the basic necessities for survival - water. Therefore, do not allow such problems to exist around your house. Get all leaky faucets and pipes repaired as soon as possible. Prevent water from pooling at spots in the garden or backyard.
4. Maintain Landscaping
If your outdoor landscaping provides shelter to pests from weather elements and offers a highway to seek entry in your dwelling, take care of it. Trim back shrubs that come into contact with the exterior of your residence. Cut short tree limbs which extend near your roof.
5. Practise Good Housekeeping Habits
Make sure you practise good housekeeping habits to keep your house clean and tidy. Store food items in tight, sealed containers, avoid leaving spills and crumbs lying around for too long and clean dirty dishes immediately after having meals.
If you wish to have your house pest-proofed before winter in a professional manner, get in touch with our team at R.I.P. Pest Management.
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