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Pests That Invade Homes In Autumn & Winter

Pests That Invade Homes In Autumn & Winter
03 May2017
Many homeowners in Australia believe that summer is the most favourite season of pests and this belief is true to a great extent. But that doesn’t mean the critters just sit in their holes and stay lazy all throughout autumn and winter. In fact, according to pest control experts, there are plenty of creatures that love infesting homes when the trees outside start to lose their leaves. And they mainly do that in order to secure warmth and comfort of human dwellings before the temperatures start to dip.
Let’s take a quick look at the major pests that become a nuisance for Aussie homeowners in the autumn and winter months:
Contrary to popular belief, termites do not need to phase out for a long-term hibernation in winter. They stay around invading homes and inflicting serious damage on wooden items. Their love for timber drives them to take up shelter in internal walls or foundation, and ultimately wreak havoc on them. The most common telltale signs of their presence include mud tubes and wood dust. These pests have the wonderful ability to operate discreetly, which can allow them to go undetected for months, or even years.
Common rodents like rats and mice are the ones who primarily cause trouble. But the reasons for which they invade homes are quite natural - warmth and food. After entering human dwellings, they generally take up residence in ceiling & wall cavities and other dry spots. They can spread a variety of diseases by contaminating food and water. And due to the fact that their front teeth keep growing throughout their lifetime, they need to gnaw and chew almost all the time. As such, they use their teeth on anything they can find. It may become dangerous if they chew through wires, because the exposed wiring has the potential to trigger a devastating house fire.
German Cockroaches :
These critters love places with ample of food & water, and two places fit that description - waste disposals and human homes. German cockroaches usually hide behind cupboards, near waste bins, and under sinks. Once they have taken up residence, they start breeding and increase their numbers all throughout winter.
The only way to keep these pests at bay, so that they don’t cause problems during autumn & winter, is by opting for professional pest control services.
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