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Pests That You Can Expect During Winter

Pests That You Can Expect During Winter
15 Jul2016
The onset of winter causes most pests to go into hibernation. But there are some who seek refuge in human dwellings for food and warmth. Our experts have, therefore, compiled a list of three such annoying critters who carry on their pestering activities even during the cold, chilly days. Suitable control measures that you can implement against them have also been provided:
Mice generally like to reside in secluded, dark areas such as basements and attics. As we all know, they are capable of causing serious property damage by gnawing through drywall and wires, which in turn can create fire hazards. Mice are even infamous for spreading diseases like tapeworm and Salmonella by contaminating food.
In order to keep them at bay, seal all holes and cracks using steel wool or caulk. Do not allow any area to become cluttered with cardboard boxes.
Spiders, which are quite abundant in Australia, can also seek shelter in homes during winter. They prefer to hide in places like basements, crawl spaces, attics and closets. Some of them are also venomous, and can inject powerful venom when disturbed.
If you wish to keep your household safe from spiders, trim shrubs and trees away from your dwelling. Store shoes, clothing, baseball mitts and gloves inside plastic containers. In case someone gets bitten by a spider, rush them to the nearest hospital immediately.
Cockroaches love to reside in moist areas that have abundance of food and that's why human households serve as their ideal habitat. They are often introduced into homes accidentally via secondhand appliances, boxes and grocery bags. They contaminate food and thereby spread various disease-causing bacteria. Their skin can also trigger allergies and worsen symptoms of asthma.
A good way to prevent cockroaches is by keeping the house clean and properly disposing of garbage on a regular basis. Make sure that you also remove any food crumbs from floors and counters.
Though the above mentioned pests are quite easy to deal with in winter using home remedies, their number can sometimes be too much to tackle all by oneself. In that case, get in touch with our professionals at R.I.P. Pest Management. We use IPM methods to control and eliminate pests without putting your health in jeopardy.
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Eva Ash ,July 21, 2016

Very informative information,I will keep this in mind . Thanks for sharing.

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