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Prevent Possums From Entering Your Home

Prevent Possums From Entering Your Home
13 Apr2016

Possums are nocturnal creatures that live on trees during the day, only to come out at night in search of food. They can enter into households through chimneys or roof voids and leave foul odour and stains by excreting at random places. Since possums are protected species and cannot be killed, they must be kept at bay using efficient preventive measures. Prevention is generally a better approach as it helps in keeping the area clean and discourages the pest from seeking entry in a house repetitively.

Let’s have a look at some effective steps that can be taken to keep invading possums at bay:

Making The Area Possum-Proof

This can be done by eliminating all kinds of unnecessary debris such as fallen leaves, unused tools and garbage. It is important to cut the grass short and also trim the bushes so that they do not touch the soil. Any tree branch hanging over the house or touching it should also be trimmed. All accessible areas, including sheds, outbuildings and porches must be covered properly. They can be blocked by using hardware cloth or rocks.

Eliminating The Shelters

The next step towards possum control and prevention would involve elimination of potential shelters. This can be done by raking up brush piles around the property. In case there are any wood piles lying in the open, they must be moved to a tight shelter or shed. It is also important to ensure that all wood sheds, boathouses and garages are closed properly.

Adequate Fencing

Fencing options that are popularly used for possum control in Australia include woven wire and electric fences. However, they must have a height of at least 4 feet to be effective. Besides that, their top should face away and outwards to keep possums from climbing over. Someone using an electric fence should keep in mind that its height has to be 3 or 4 inches beyond 4 feet.

Getting Rid Of Open Spaces

All areas within a residential property, including the garden and interiors of the house must be checked for open spaces. Inviting holes or cracks should be covered with grid screening. Vents can be blocked using insect screening. Any hole discovered in door screens, deck lattices and window screens should be repaired immediately.

Apart from the above mentioned procedures, there are several repellents which can be used against possums, such as ammonia, mothballs and spikes. Calling R.I.P Pest Management, a professional pest management firm will be advisable if the problems are too severe.

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