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Professional prevention of termite attacks

Professional prevention of termite attacks
08 Nov2021

You do not have to live in the fear of termites attacking and destroying your property therefore burning a huge hole in your pocket for the termite treatment and the damage control afterwards. Here are some of the professional, highly effective methods of termite prevention methods that we use to keep you safe from the pesky wood-eaters:

1. Chemical Soil treatment or the Soil Barrier Treatment:A termite repelling product is spread around in ample covering a good amount of space as well as pumped into the ground to form a barrier around your house, discouraging termites to wander nearby.

2. Chemically treated Timbers:Using timbers treated with special anti-termite products as the structural wood for your homes can go a long way in preventing termite attacks in future.

3. Using naturally termite resistant timbers: Certain timbers are known for their natural resilience towards termites. Keep in mind that not all types of these natural termite resilient timbers can repel all the species of termites, which means they repel only a selective species of termites. Some examples of these timbers are:

White cypress pine

Black bean

Jam acacia

American redwood

These are therefore not used much for the prevention except in rare cases.

4. Metal shields, Barriers and caps: Metal shields are applied to foundation walls and piers. These help in making the termites choose open and spottable places for nesting, hence making it extremely easy for termite experts to spot them during a termite inspection session.

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