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Roof Rats: Appearance, Signs of Infestation and Prevention

Roof Rats: Appearance, Signs of Infestation and Prevention
06 Nov2019
Roof rats are also popular as ship rats or black rats. They usually tend to find shelter in the upper parts of the buildings and it is from there that they have got their name. Once they get inside the house, they not only damage materials by gnawing through them but also contaminate the stored foods & serve as vectors of deadly diseases. These rats are of Southeast Asian origin but are found all over the world, especially in the tropical regions. 

How Do Roof Rats Look Like? 

Roof rats have 4 legs and are thin and long with scaly tail, large eyes and ears and pointed nose. They have smooth and soft fur, which is typically brown with black spots intermixed. Their undersides are grey, white or black. They have no antennae and measure around 6-8”. Their tails are longer than that of their heads & bodies measuring about 7-10”. 

How Would You Know That Roof Rats Have Infested Your House? 

There are many indications of a roof rat infestation in a home. If you see any of these signs you should know that there are roof rat problems. 
  • If you see a rodent, alive or dead, it’s a telltale sign that there are roof rats in your house. 
  • Presence of droppings in the home is also a sure-shot sign of roof rat infestation. Roof rat droppings that are fresh are moist and soft, whereas the old ones are dried and hard. The droppings generally measure 1/2” & have pointed ends.
  • When you see gnaw marks, greasy rub marks, nests or damaged goods, you should know that there are roof rat activities in your home.
  • Other infestation signs include damaged electrical wirings, noises in house walls or attic.


How To Prevent The Infestation Of Roof Rats? 

To prevent roof rats infestation in your home, seal up the holes and cracks that are big enough for them to enter with silicone caulk & be sure to screen all vents and windows. Keep the shrubs and trees that are near your building trimmed all time and cut back any limb, which overhang the roof. Cover the garbage bin and clean up any fruit if you find them being fallen from the tree to your yard. Also, ensure to store all kinds of food in tightly sealed containers and eliminate any outdoor source of water. 

What To Do When You Find Roof Rats In Your House? 

If you have identified roof rats in your house in North Shore, get in touch with R.I.P Pest Management. We specialise in Rat Control Services and can keep your home free from these pests with our Integrated Pest Management services. 
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