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Some Interesting Facts about Spiders

Some Interesting Facts about Spiders
26 Aug2014

Spiders can live in almost all kinds of habitat but they are generally found lurking in the dark places and cracks of a business or home. Although these creatures may hardly have any body contact with you, they can sometimes really become a hazard and a nuisance. Here we have discussed about some interesting facts about spiders.

All species produce silk

All the species can spin silk. In fact, one spider is able to produce about seven different kinds, each of the type used for a special cause like capturing prey, spinning webs and so on.

They are nearsighted creatures

Spiders usually have 8 eyes except a few of the species which have only six. They have the main set which they use for creating images. There is also a secondary set which they use for detecting shadow and light. However, with all those eyes, this creature is nearsighted. It cannot see objects that are in a far distance but this is not their deficiency.

Females are able to lay three thousand eggs at a time

All the eggs that the female spiders lay are kept in silk sacs. Kind of care the female spider offers to their young depends upon the species.  There are some females that die soon after laying the eggs while there are some who carry their babies on their back or even share their prey with them.

Jumping spiders are able to jump many times the length of their bodies

Jumping spiders can make very nimble movements and they usually do this when they try to run away from their predators or try to hunt their prey. The agile movement is possible because of their internal hydraulic system.

Spiders, which you are very popular in Sydney, include Red Black spiders, Funnel Web spiders, White Tail spiders, Black House spiders, White Tail spiders, Huntsman spiders, Wolf spiders, Trap Door spiders, Jumping spiders and many more.

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