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Stay Away From Frequent Summer Pests

Stay Away From Frequent Summer Pests
04 Dec2017
Just like plenty of flowers bloom in summer, pests too find the season a preferable one for coming out of their hiding spots. The warm temperatures during summer provides ideal conditions for pests to reproduce, thereby causing their populations to grow significantly.
Because of the great damage and inconvenience pests can cause, it is a great idea to prepare before the pest season begins. If you get prepared in advance, you can successfully keep these unwanted critters out of your way. And most importantly, you should get in touch with professionals, because there are several advantages of hiring pest control.

Ants :

Ants are one of the most encountered pests in Australia. They can damage and contaminate food rendering it unfit for consumption. To avoid any trouble with these pests in the summer, you should:

    • Clean up your dining area to remove any food crumbs that could attract these scavengers.
    • Keep your house clean.
    • Wipe the walls of the kitchen properly to remove oil stains.
    • Wash your dishes after meals and rinse them off.
    • Keep the kitchen bins covered.
    • Keep food items in airtight containers.
Mosquitoes :
These are among the most dangerous pests in the world. The season for them starts in spring when the weather begins to warm up and it’s scorching outside. Mosquitoes previously in hibernation start to emerge, causing the pest’s population to swell.
To avoid mosquito infestation, you should:
    • Clear bushes and any other overgrown vegetation around the home.
    • Remove any still water to prevent them from laying eggs, or consider to keep firetail gudgeon, native glass fish, etc.
    • Install mosquito nets on the windows and doors.
Fleas :
During the warm season, you and your pet might prefer spending time outdoors and this could expose your furry friend to fleas. Fleas feed on the blood of all kinds of animals (including humans), which means risking yourself as well as your pet to the bites of this pest.
To avoid fleas, you’ll need to:
    • Give regular baths to your pet.
    • Tidy up your yard and mow down the grasses as these provide ideal spots for fleas to leap onto hosts.
    • Keep wildlife and feral animals away from your pet and home as they most probably have fleas.
As flea infestation is not possible to detect easily, it's a wise choice to hire a company that provides professional pest control service in North Shore.
As said by the experts, it is a good idea to hire a pest controller in advance just before summer arrives.
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