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Termite Resistant Mulch For Home Gardens

Termite Resistant Mulch For Home Gardens
29 Aug2017
Mulching is important. Why? Because, most importantly, for water conservation. Mulching prevents the upper layer of the soil from drying out and keeps the soil moist. This can reduce watering by up to sixty per cent. Weed growth and germination often compete with your favourite plants for moisture and nutrients. This can also be prevented through mulching.
As soon as the root begins to grow only four centimetres beneath the soil, a plant can get damaged severely if the soil beyond this level becomes hot and dry. There are plants which can tolerate the hot summer, but only if their roots are kept cool and moist. Thus, using organic mulch can be very helpful to most plants in the garden because you are adding the extra organic matter with the soil to enhance plant growth.

The Fact

At this point a question arises that if mulching is termite proof.
Australia is one of the world’s hot spots for termites. The pests get attracted to wet and soft mulches. They prefer foraging in the top 30 cm of ground for food and decaying timber. Thus, when you are gardening close to your building's walls, there always stays a risk of termite infestation. This is why when applying mulches, the best rule of thumb is to make a clearance of a metre or a half from the walls of your building. Stone mulching can be the best material for a termite prone garden. However, if you still notice termite infestation in your garden, consider calling a professional pest control team.

The benefits of hiring a termite control team

Getting rid of termites in your home is not at all a DIY project. It requires skill and specialised devices to ensure complete elimination of the termite colony.
Thus, hiring a professional pest control is quite an efficient and safe way of dealing with termite problems. Professionals can handle the infestation in a much suitable manner. They are specialised personnel working with thermal imaging cameras. With the help of these innovative devices, they can find out termites even if they are hiding in the walls or under the ground. They may apply termite controlling insecticides which are completely safe for your plants and does not harm any pet or human. 
Hiring the professionals can save your plants from getting dried out with the unique handling of termite control.
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