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Tips for Commercial Pest Control

Tips for Commercial Pest Control
14 Oct2014
You would definitely not want your North Shore office to be infested with pests. Prevention is thus important if you want to protect your business from a pest infestation. Given below are a few tips, which you should follow for commercial pest control in North Shore.
Dispose of the garbage daily and store in a sealed container
Depending on the kind of business you manage or own, it is possible that you have quite a bit of trash on a regular basis. It is even possible for this garbage to let off an odor. This odor actually serves as a beacon for several pests. If the garbage is not disposed of in a timely manner, rodents and other pests can quickly start to congregate. 

Seal up the cracks and holes in your commercial building
Many pests enter business areas through small cracks and holes in the walls. If you wish to take commercial pest management seriously, you should take some time to seal the problem areas. If you have a small business, you can do the job all by yourself if not hire a professional company to get the job done efficiently. However, always make sure to pest proof your business by being attentive of the maintenance needs of your commercial building. 

Don’t ignore your drainage problems
Different kinds of pests are attracted to the water sources. To help cut down the number of pests, make sure the drainage system gas been correctly designed. You should never overlook proper drainage at the foundation. Install diverts or gutters that will channel the water away from building. Hire a professional to clean the drains properly and regularly. Accumulated debris and food in the drains provide optimal breeding grounds for insects. 

Keep the food storage and eating area clean
Employees must keep their food stored and sealed properly. They must keep the kitchenettes and eating area clean. Although these areas are to be maintained and cleaned by a maintenance person, the employees must make sure to do their part. For instance, the employees must clean up themselves if they spill drink or food. 

Call a local and reliable pest control pro
Many large businesses have daily pest control performed. However, small businesses must also invest in commercial pest control services. A professional pest control service provider will be able to evaluate all your pest control needs, identify the problems and provide control measures using Integrated Pest Management approach. 
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Annie Frances ,June 15, 2016

I like your tip to keep the eating area in my office clean. Last month I had to call a commercial pest control company to get rid of unwanted insects in the office. Now we are trying to do our best to keep the bugs away. Cleaning up our food right away will help for sure. Thanks!

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