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Tips For Landlords To Provide Termite Protection To Their Tenants

Tips For Landlords To Provide Termite Protection To Their Tenants
06 May2022

Landlords have all the responsibilities of termite pest control as well as repairing the pest–caused damages in their rental homes. A landlord will have to incur thousands of dollars in repairing and restorations once a single termite infestation incidence has been spotted. Therefore, time-bound termite prevention and control are much necessary to retain the safety of the rental property owners.  
So annual termite inspection conducted by the termite pest control experts offer a series of benefits to the landlords, with the chief being peace of mind. Unless the property has undergone severe damages, termite infestation is likely to be unnoticed, hence proactive termite pest control is of utmost necessity.
The professional termite pest control experts from the licensed pest controlling agency in North Shore have clear knowledge about the places where the termites are likely to thrive. So, they can identify the colonies' location soon. Even they will be providing you with ways to identify the infestation signs yourself. So, a professional inspection is an advantage to save the rental properties from structural damage. Likewise, you can save a good deal of bucks on repairs and restorations.

As a landlord, here are the steps you need to take up to prevent termite prevention at your rental property.


1. Maintain A Clean Surrounding

Tidiness and cleanliness, particularly in the garden save the property from being less of a termite magnet. Termites get a perfect hideout in the grown jungle of dense growth of vegetation, plants and shrubs. Keeping your property dry and clean with abundant air circulation is the go-to step to drive the termites out.

2. Restrictions On Entrance

The trellis should not lean against the exterior walls. Termites gain easy access to your property from the wood to soil contact and wood to wood contact. So, prevent from keeping the timber, fencing, firewood and wood materials next to your rental property for avoiding termite contamination. Seal the cracks and holes in walls or foundations to the convenient entrance areas are barricaded.

3. Controlling and Preventing Termite Breeding

Once you have come across the outdoor and indoor leaks, ensure repairing them on time. Ensure keeping the air-conditioner area dry so the bacteria and insects are reduced in the property. Insects and bacteria need moisture as the key element for survival.

4. Incorporating the Termite-proof Wood

The chemically-treated termite-free wood is termite-proof, which can never be termite-infested at the time of construction and renovations. The termite-resistant materials being used at the time of renovation adds an extra security level and protection against the termites. But keep in mind the chemically treated woods are not 100% termite-proof and call for additional preventive methods.
Here is the list of additional termite prevention measures –
  • If the property is having vents, then ensure they are dry and airflow is not blocked.
  • A house constructed on the concrete slab should be done in such a way that the slab’s edge and weep holes are exposed.
  • Do not build garden beds against the walls since they hide the slab's edge and cover the weep holes, thereby creating the best-hidden access point to the property.
  • Termites' food is mulch, and mulch allows them access to a property. So, avoid using mulch near the outer walls. Rubber variation of mulch is a better alternative.
  • Regularly check the termite shields to make sure they have not been damaged. The metal strips around your foundation are the termite shields, playing their part to make the termites noticeable even if they do not prevent the termites' entry to a property.

5. Say NO to DIY Methods and Choose the Professional Termite Pest Controlling Experts

Professional termite pest controllers can spot the termite problem at the earliest. So, taking the services of licensed termite exterminators is helping your property with effective termite control solutions. They know the right treatment they have to provide for making the property termite-free.

Taking proactive steps will help in preventing termite infestation. Hence, if you are willing to rent your property, you have to follow the termite prevention steps mentioned above. The best move is to hire termite controllers for their thorough inspections and control steps which render the best results.



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