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Top seven deadly spiders in Australia

Top seven deadly spiders in Australia
27 Jul2019
Australia is a home of some venomous spiders. The bites of these spiders are extremely painful. Some spiders can damage human nervous system permanently. In this blog, we are going to share top seven deadliest spiders in Australia. Lets check them one by one. 
Sydney funnel spider
Sydney funnel spider or Atrax robustus is one of the deadliest spiders in Australia. This spider produces high toxic venom and injects it with its large fangs. These fangs are very powerful and bigger than that of the brown snakes. It can also be found in New South Wales and it suburbs.
Redback spider
Redback spiders or Latrodectus hasselti are mostly found in many urban areas of Australia. These spiders hide in sheltered places like garden sheds, toilet seat and mailboxes. Female redback is the most dangerous and is bigger than the male redback spider. Their venom can badly affect the nervous system. 
Mouse spider
Mouse spiders or Missulena sp. are generally found all over Australia. They live in burrows and near waterways or rivers and suburban areas. They are also one of the most deadliest and aggressive spiders in Australia.
Trap door spiders
Trap door spiders (Idiopidae family) hide in their burrows. Generally, they can be found all over Australia. Fortunately, their bites are harmless, causing minor symptoms. They are 1.5 to 3.5 cm long. Female spiders are bigger than male ones but are less aggressive. 
White-tailed spiders
Lampona cylindrata or white-tailed spiders are widely found in urban and natural habitats throughout southern Australia, mostly in Queensland and Tasmania. These spiders release necrotising or flash-eating venom. They have a dark and long body with white spots on upper abdomen. 
Australian Tarantula
Four genera Phlogiellus. Selenotypus, Selenotholus, and Selenocosmia are widely found throughout Australia. Australian Tarantulas have sharp fangs, a large body and hairy legs. Their bites are really painful and dangerous. 
Australian Garden Orb Weaver Spider
Garden orb weaver (Eriophora transmarina) is the most common spider that can be found in Australian gardens. Fortunately, it produces low level of venom in every bite. It has many variants when it comes to their shapes, colours and sizes. They are mainly available across the coastal areas of eastern Australia.
These are the top seven dangerous spiders of Australia. If you find any one of them at your residence or office then you need to opt for a pest control company.  In North Shore, there are many pest controller companies who offer pest and termite control services at an affordable rate. R.I.P Pest Management Pty Ltd is one of them. This company offers fully integrated pest management services. So, to control your pest such as spiders and cockroaches R.I.P. Pest Management is always ready. Call our experts for our services.  
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