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What Should You Do For Having Ants–Free Celebrations?

What Should You Do For Having Ants–Free Celebrations?
25 Jan2022

Ants are indeed the worst pests to let stay around when you are looking for peaceful and comfortable holidays. Known to be communal pests, the ants survive within a colony and linger in the places where they find their food is abundantly stored. Ants lead their colony by leaving behind ant trails or the pheromones – as soon as they spot anything sweet or oily, they will leave no chance unattended.

With a few joining one, the space will be overrun by ants in no time and ruin your holiday mood. Nevertheless, hiring the ants pest control services from the licensed pest controllers in North Shore, will solve most of your problems and let you enjoy ant-free holidays.

What Should Be Done About the Ants?

Before you are starting your weekend holidays celebrations, you have to follow certain things so the ants are not ruining your holidays.

  • In the first place, keep the foods either away or stored in tight containers, likely to attract the ants. Ensure the high sugar content foods, like cakes cooked meats and more are far away from the ants' reach. As much as possible, keep them inside a refrigerator. Secure the uncooked and dry food items in  the airtight containers,
  • With regards to pet foods, problems are sure to rise since the pet foods have to be laid around to keep them ready for pets. But there is something you can do – give training to your pets to complete eating their meals right in one sitting. But if it is not going as planned, then surround the pet’s bowl with a moat of water.
  • Use acidic substances like lemon and vinegar for clearing out the ant trails.
  • The ants use a certain path for getting to your food stash – spot it. Wipe off the trail to remove it using the same acidic substance. 
  • Use the chalks, baking soda and also baking powder for dissuading the ants off the food stash, while discouraging them from walking the treated path.
  • Any holes or gaps you spot on your boards or walls, take steps to fill them out soon since these are the welcoming entrance for the ants.
  • All these are preventive measures and will ensure you enjoy ant-free celebrations. Ultimately, these are not going to fix the ant infestation problems. 
  • Professional ant control services have all the knowledge about the ant's nature, and they own the tools needed for combating these pests. Ants prefer the kitchen and storeroom areas, from where they can get water, sweet and greasy substances. They will leave an invisible chemical trail for the fellow ants to follow their evident lead to the food sources. They live in uncountable colonies, and they even have the capability of relocating at any time.

Hiring the ant pest control services keep you on the winning side. Being trained professionals, they can identify the ant nest and shell the barrier out with perimeter treatments. Tracking down the odour trail as the ants had left behind to trace food, they can distract and exterminate the mound, thus stopping them from returning to your celebrations.

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