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What Should You Know About Ticks?

What Should You Know About Ticks?
03 Dec2019
Ticks are found anywhere in a property. It is very difficult to deal with them. They are very small in size and if you avoid them, they can bite deeply into your skin. These small arachnids are generally categorized into several types like American dog ticks, Lone star ticks, Gulf Coast ticks,  Blacklegged ticks, Western-Blacklegged ticks etc. They can spread different kinds of diseases.
Ticks prefer to live warm and humid climates. To avoid ticks and their bites proper Tick Control is very necessary. If you want to make your property completely ticks free then you can hire the best Pest Control Company in North Shore.

Are Ticks Insects?

Ticks can be mistaken as the insects. They are not insects. Ticks are like arachnids. However, many experts say the ticks are quite similar to the mites or spiders. They are small, approximately 3 to 5 mm longer. They are also considered as parasites mostly found in mammals, reptiles and birds.

How Ticks Look Like?

Ticks are blood-sucking bugs. They have brown, black or reddish colour body. They have 8 legs. Male ticks have dark brown body and a reddish colour body with black marks can be found in female ticks. They have 4 life stages including egg, larva, nymph and adult.

How To Identify The Tick Bites?

Tick bites are very easy to identify because ticks remain attached to skin for more than 10 days after the first bite. Generally, tick bites are not harmful and they cause no such symptoms. However, there are certain types of ticks found in North Shore spread disease.  

Are Tick Bites Harmful For Human?

Ticks can be attracted to the human body and pets. According to the research, tick bites can be fatal and create critical symptoms. they can cause allergic reactions and ticks can also spread diseases onto pets and humans when they bite. Sometimes, ticks can be very dangerous for the human body.

Common Symptoms Of Tick Bites

Tick bites are unwanted. They can cause itching and burning. Common symptoms of tick bites are depression, lack of appetite, find difficulties while running and walking, vomiting, red spot on skin, breathing problems, numbness, swelling, paralysis, weakness or achiness, headache, distressed eyes palpitations, fever etc. In some severe cases, death can be caused by respiratory failure.
Tick bites are very annoying. They can create many problems if they are not properly treated. If you are suffering problems from ticks in your property then call to R.I.P PEST MANAGEMENT expert as soon as possible.
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