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What You Might Not Have Known About Termites

What You Might Not Have Known About Termites
08 Sep2014
Termites are nightmares for every homeowner. They not only eat through wood in walls and foundation but are even hard to detect. However, there are many more things to termites than you can even think about. Here are some interesting facts about these silent property destroyers.
Colony cliques
Typically a termite colony consists of nymphs, reproductive individuals, soldiers and workers and each of the group have their specialized jobs within the colony. It is usually the workers that make up most of the colony. They forage, maintain nest and the eggs of the colony. This group is mainly found in the infested wood. The soldiers protect the different groups within the colony. They have huge jaws, which can block the tunnels when there is any attack by the ants. Some soldiers have so big jaws that they are not able to feed themselves. Nymphs are the younger termites and sometimes take on the responsibilities of the worker group. Reproductive individuals are the ones who usually leaves to start building colonies elsewhere.
Doesn’t always build their colonies underground
Termites usually build their colonies underground and move through the subterranean tunnels. So detecting these species becomes quite difficult. But not all of the species build colonies underground. There are some that forage on top of the ground like ants allowing them to spread quickly and easily if unchecked. 

Insatiable hunger
Termites basically consume wallpaper, flooring and wood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And it has been found that an established subterranean termite colony can consume an amount of wood, which is equivalent to 1 cup sawdust in just 2 hours. So, imagine the damage it can do over time if its left undetected.
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