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In the cracks and dark places of your businesses and homes, you may come across spiders lurking. Though these creatures will hardly have body contact with you, sometimes they turn to be a real nuisance and a hazard. The most common spiders to be aware of in Sydney include the Funnel Web spider, Red Back spider, White Tail spider, Mouse spider, Black House spider, Wolf spider, Huntsman spider, Trap Door spider, Garden Orb Weaving spider, Saint Andrews Cross spider and Jumping spider.


Points to be aware of about spiders include:

  • Most arachnids are nocturnal. During the day they are seldom seen unless disturbed from their natural environments. When daylight sets the spiders become active. They will leave the protection of their shelters and go in search of food or in the case of web spinning spiders—construct webs to snare prey
  • The Funnel Web spider (male ) will go searching for a mating partner during the summer months and may often then shelter in towels, shoes, toys etc left outside overnight. These items should always be inspected before bringing back inside so as not to transfer a potentially deadly spider into your home
  • The Red Back spider is highly venomous and gives a nasty bite which can be fatal to infants or elderly. This is a very common spider around Sydney and is often located around pot plants, outdoor furnishings, pool fences and drains
  • The White Tail spider is another venomous spider found in large numbers around Sydney. The bite can be very painful but the effects devastating. Many people seem to have an allergic reaction to the bites and the wounds can be infected for months

R.I.P can give you and your family and very effective spider control treatment throughout your property giving you complete peace of mind and keeping you safe from the dangers of spiders.

R.I.P. spider control experts can develop a tailored program suiting your facility needs. Our trained professionals in pest control North Shore first identify and then execute solutions while communicating long-term spider control strategies.

Our services include:

  • Inspection for identifying species, structural attributes and population
  • Removal of spiders and egg masses on a routine basis
  • Chemical application if needed for gaining extra control
  • Suggestions for population reduction and long-term pest control in Narrabeen and other suburbs of Northern Sydney

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