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Ants and Termites: How to Identify Them?

Ants and Termites: How to Identify Them?
08 Oct2014
In spring time, termites as well as carpenter ants both swarm for mating and reproducing. So, at first glance, both may look identical but a closer look reveals their significant differences. Here we have discussed about those differences.
  1. Termites have no waist. They have rectangular bodies with straight beaded antennae. Their wings are of equal shape and shape. If you look at them very closely you will find that their wings are actually longer than their body. Carpenter ants on the other hand have a narrow, defined constricted waist with elbowed or bent antennae. Their front wings are longer than their back hind wings.
  2. Ant workers are dark or reddish colored and are often seen in open foraging seeking for food. The termite workers are creamy white or light in color, transparent and avoid light. Thus you will not be able to see them often unless their nests are disturbed.
  3. Termites consume wood in which they actually nest. Carpenter ants on the other hand hardly dig in the wood for excavating their nests. They don’t eat wood.
  4. Galleries and tunnels of ants are quite smooth whereas galleries of termites are ragged and rough as they’re filled up with layers of mud and soil.
  5. Mud tube symbolizes the presence of termites. These are the tubes that are built on outside portions of walls or between wood and soil via which termites pass through.
  6. Since termites and carpenter ants are so very much different, their control measures are different as well. Carpenter ants can be controlled through elimination of conditions that attracted them whereas elimination of termites require the help of companies like us who are experts in providing pest control in North Shore, Northern Beaches and Narrabeen. 
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