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We will give a 10% discount on the price of any rat jobs ordered through this website.


R.I.P PEST MANAGEMENT PTY LTD are delighted to welcome all seniors pensioners card holders and offer you a well-deserved 10% discount off our usual prices.

As a small gesture to say thank you, we're pleased to give 10% off any pest control job ordered from our website.

This offer is avaliable to all works including Termite Inspections, Tick sprays, cockroaches and even Termite treatments. 

All you need to do  is show our serviceman or woman your membership card number and we will do the rest.

Once again thank you for the opportunity to assist the senior in our multicultural society.


The threat of allergic reactions, caused by ticks remains high even throughout  the winter months.

The most common serious medical complaints caused by ticks are allergic reactions resulting from bites.

These reactions can manifest as: 

* Large local reactions.

* Tick-induced anaphylaxis( a sudden and severe allergic reaction)

* Mammalia-meat induced anaphylaxis associated with previous tick bites.

* Ticks bites can cause mild to life-threatening reactions to mammalia meats for example,from  an animal such as beef,lamb,pork,goat and venison.

To combat this ever present threat call to R.I.P PEST MANAGEMENT PTY LTD  and PUT YOUR TICKS TO REST

**Reduced price on tick spray - price reduced from $330.00 to $275.00 for new customers**