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Child Care Centres

We will often service our child care centres when children are off site as we have an understanding of what kids are like. If you follow our recommendations you children will be safe while at their day care centres.

The protection of children and childcare workers against the pest treatment products is extremely important, as is keeping them away from harmful pests. Pests can cause diseases and food poisoning. We take up specfic pest management strategies for specific pests.

We are all aware that safety and assurance are the biggest factors when it comes to anything related to the young ones. It becomes primary concern whether the pest managers providing services to child cares are equipped, reliable and safe enough to carry out the process of pest eradication without compromising the safe and secure environment of the child cares. We at R.I.P. Pest Management are highly recommended by schools and similarly sensitive child facilities because we provide complete assurance about all our product and procedure standards. You can trust our service management with closed eyes.

Regular monitioring is very important to make sure that the childcare stays sans pest. You can comfortably rest knowing that R.I.P. is fully equipped and learned to deal with childcare centers. Let R.I.P guide you through the programs suitable for your child care.

We use registered products compliant to safety regulations and registered products. We got you covered in entire Northern Beaches and the areas around! Get back to us to get a quote for the inspection and services of the pests in your childcare.