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Termite treatment Northern Beaches

Flying termites which are capable of reproduction leave their mature colonies for pairing and mating purposes. The immature termites then develop into workers, soldiers or reproductive. Interestingly, a queen termite can lay up to millions of eggs a year. Caring for the immature termites, feeding and maintenance of the nest is taken care by the workers. Soldiers defend the nest by keeping the predators at bay.

The most common way of termite invasion is by crossing from their colonies in yards to foundations through crevices. Other common sources are:

  • Wooden being in direct contact with walls or ground
  • Any leaky object that leads to dampening of the soil
  • Plantations near the building

Elevated areas in home that remain damp are ideal for termite infestation.


Indicators of Termite Infestation:

  • Sudden appearance of insects with wings
  • Paint with caked appearance
  • Hollow wood ( you can get to know by tapping it)
  • Appearance of mud tubes
  • If you start spotting wings of insects


Termite Treatment Northern Beaches:

Termite treatment is the ultimate way to safeguard your houses against the vicious wood eaters. However, here are some tips from our experts to prevent their infestation:

  • Avoiding moisture in dark and dingy places using dehumidifiers
  • Ensuring that wood to soil contact is avoided at any rate
  • Unclog all the water outlets and ensure that they are leading out of the building
  • Fix all the leaking objects, hence avoiding moisture
  • Wood that has been damaged by water should be eradicated from property
  • Many a times we leave out piles of leaves and other debris outside our houses, which attracts termites. It is important to make sure that no such pile is left outside the house or building.


Defending your home against termites:

Complete elimination of a termite colony from your property requires extermination of the entire colony, including the queen. The colony will continue to produce members and thrive until and unless their queen is taken out. Getting together with R.I.P. Pest Management Pty. Ltd. will ensure that all termite activity in or around your property is removed. We will take prompt action by taking care of the existing termites in your property and restrict any new activity from occurring.