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Termites - R.I.P. Pest Management

Termite damage costs Australians more than $100 million dollars annually. About 150,000 homes/buildings are destroyed by termites every year. If these insects encounter your building foundation, concrete slab or home while foraging they’ll follow crevices and cracks with an opening of 1mm wide in the structure. After getting inside, they will look for and destroy their food source: wood panels, lumber, wallpaper, bearers/joists, wall frames, roof rafters, top plates and any other structural elements that are made out of wood. Don’t let termites cause damage to your property.

R.I.P. pride themselves in their ability to solve your existing termite problem or to provide recommendations on what you can do to minimize the risk of a future termite attack. We have been in the business of protecting homes/offices and eliminating termite problems for 25 years. We use state of the art equipment to find and track active termites in homes/offices. Nothing beats our experience in detailing with termites.

Our certified and trained termite technicians first offer a thorough inspection of commercial and residential properties (using moisture meters, listening devices, termatrac termite locaters, and CO2 termite detection units) for detecting any termite activity or a conducive activity which may lead to the activity. After detection, we use liquid, baiting, dusting and or foaming treatments for eliminating the pests making your property termite-free!

R.I.P. provides a wide variety of solutions for infestations and programs which will protect your business or home from the possible threats of termites/white ants. For termite control in Narrabeen , the Northern Beaches,North Shore or Sydney get in touch with us by going to our contact page and let your fingers do the talking.