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End of Lease Rentals

At R.I.P we offer very competitive prices to make sure the rental home occupied is not overrun by fleas and cockroaches when client move in or move out. Renting and leasing properties is a hectic job, specially when tenants have pets, which leads to several pest problems. By the end of their stay, such properties are often infested by pests like fleas.

Do not worry if you are one such unfortunate landlord, as R.I.P pest management is completely equipped to deal with messy properties of expired lease. Your tenants might have left behind a mess, but we wont! Trust us to give you the best end of lease treatment that will get your property back to the pre-rental cleanliness.

Get in touch with us immediately to book super cost effective packages for the service and inspections of your property.

Why should you schedule pest treatments for end of lease rentals?

  • We all know that in order to keep our property free of pests, cleanliness and sorting out hygiene issues is the first and a major step towards it.
  • Most of the tenants disregard serious hygiene maintenance as it’s not their own property. This might lead to hidden infestation which might manifest later on a huge, uncontrollable scale.
  • If your property is up for sale again, many clients can reject it on the grounds of breeding pests on the site.
  • You need to be extra cautious if your tenants had pets and you stay nearby the property.
  • It is always better to check for any lurking pests, lest they create irreversible damage to your property.
  • As a landlord, it is your duty to provide a decent, clean and pest free property to your clients.