Thermal Imaging


The technology used in Thermal Imaging cameras enables R.I.P. to carry out a more informative inspection than ever before. Heat patterns are detected by measuring infrared energy or heat and converting the energy waves emitted from hot surfaces being scanned  to maps of temperatures which provides a viewable heat image with differential heat patterns on the screen of the camera. We can now detect important inconsistencies in walls, floors &  ceilings of homes such as termite activity, water leaks, damp areas and energy losses which are not  visible to the naked eye. A simply example of the advantage of this camera is to run hot water down the drain in the bathroom sink. Within a short period of time when the water heats up, you can directly see the line of water and which way the pipe is running and if any leaks are present. When termites are nesting in a wall they will generate heat onto the surface which again will be detected by the camera. It will show the inconsistency  of temperature in the wall , the size of the inconsistency and the exact location of the termite nest. This is ideal when treating the infestation as we know exactly where to place termite bait stations or other treatment options. This is particularly advantageous when inspecting a home on a concrete slab. As you cannot get underneath a concrete slab you may well be able to identify a termite nest in a wall and the termite entry point through heat transfers.

              All objects emit infrared radiation as a function of temperature and  infrared energy is generated by the vibration and rotation of atoms and molecules. The higher the temperature the more motion and therefore more infrared energy is emitted which allows for the detection of termite activity by our thermal imaging camera. The Camera limits the amount of disturbance then treating termite activity and therefore the treatment will be more successful and generally quicker as a result of the limited disturbance.

              When ordering a Thermal Imaging Inspection it will be in conjunction with our Visual Termite Inspection to cover all options available when Inspecting for termites. The Thermal Imaging Camera is a fantastic tool to help find termite nests in walls and cavities which are not visible to the naked eye, but it must be remembered it is a tool and cannot be fully relied upon. R.I.P will always carry out the best possible inspection for their clients given the conditions on the day of the inspection. The Thermal Camera will provide us additional vision with the infrared spectrum and therefore will broaden our scope of vision which may be the difference between finding termites or not finding termites.