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Thermal Imaging Inspection

We utilise infrared technology to locate pest infestations which are invisible to naked eyes. The target specific solution allows precise and quick elimination of pests and reduction of the overall usage of pesticides.

We detect the heat signatures of the termites, cleverly concealed in tricky places. The lighter portions of the images indicate infestations. Once the pests have been located, we then proceed to execute the best suitable plan to exterminate the infestation.

What are the benefits of Thermal Imaging?

As Professional Termite Managers, R.I.P. experts offer clients the opportunity to choose Thermal Imaging when conducting termite inspections.

If you choose a Thermal Imaging inspection, you’ll discover it opens a whole new world. It shows varying readings of surface temperature, which can be researched and identified. Our highly sensitive cameras can identify temperature changes of 0.6 of a degree.

Scanning the walls inside your home or business, we can locate any reasonably sized termite nest behind the wall’s surface – something which is impossible with a normal visual inspection.