How to Say Goodbye to Fleas Forever?

There seems to be a constant war being waged between petowners and fleas. According to most people, literally all puppies have insects, and most likely all felines, as well. We work stupendously to eliminate them by all means, with the help of pest treatments, by taking the pets for special baths at some groomer or vet, and doing our best to int[...]

What Attracts Spiders To Your Home?

Facing a spider in Australia is common. It's really traumatic when spiders infest your home. But do you actually know why they enter in your property? To determine this, you have to know a bit about their sneaky behaviour.    In general, spiders do not want to enter your house. Most of the infestations occur accidentally. T[...]

Things You Do That Can Draw In Termites

What draws in termites? Is it pine cones or mulch, or something specific? It's difficult to keep termite invasion on the off chance that you don't realise what attracts them to your property.    As a rule, majority of homeowners attempt to finish regular ventures around the home to keep critters from coming inside. Be t[...]

How To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Coming Home With You

Tougher than cockroaches, bed bugs can survive for months without feeding on blood and live through the most extreme of temperatures. In fact, bed bugs are know to survive in temperatures over 125 degrees Fahrenheit! They're also smart, elusive and tiny. They can hide behind wallpapers, inside mattresses and even behind electrical outlets. L[...]

Stay Away From Frequent Summer Pests

Just like plenty of flowers bloom in summer, pests too find the season a preferable one for coming out of their hiding spots. The warm temperatures during summer provides ideal conditions for pests to reproduce, thereby causing their populations to grow significantly.   Because of the great damage and inconvenience pests can cause, [...]

Most Dangerous Spiders Of Australia

Sydney funnel-web   With highly toxic venom produced in large amounts and large fangs to inject it, the Sydney funnel-web is without a doubt the deadliest spider in Australia, and possibly in the entire world. It is commonly found in the forests and even populated areas of NSW.    Funnel webs burrow in humid shelte[...]

Getting Rid Of Pests In Spring

Spring in Sydney is just breathtaking with green leaves and colourful flowers around. The pleasant weather seems to be loved by almost all the people. But spring also means it’s time for many nasty pests to invade our homes.   Common Pests in Spring   Birds and bird mites    Birds and bird mites [...]

Termite Resistant Mulch For Home Gardens

Mulching is important. Why? Because, most importantly, for water conservation. Mulching prevents the upper layer of the soil from drying out and keeps the soil moist. This can reduce watering by up to sixty per cent. Weed growth and germination often compete with your favourite plants for moisture and nutrients. This can also be prevented throug[...]