Most Dangerous Spiders Of Australia

Sydney funnel-web   With highly toxic venom produced in large amounts and large fangs to inject it, the Sydney funnel-web is without a doubt the deadliest spider in Australia, and possibly in the entire world. It is commonly found in the forests and even populated areas of NSW.    Funnel webs burrow in humid shelte[...]

Getting Rid Of Pests In Spring

Spring in Sydney is just breathtaking with green leaves and colourful flowers around. The pleasant weather seems to be loved by almost all the people. But spring also means it’s time for many nasty pests to invade our homes.   Common Pests in Spring   Birds and bird mites    Birds and bird mites [...]

Termite Resistant Mulch For Home Gardens

Mulching is important. Why? Because, most importantly, for water conservation. Mulching prevents the upper layer of the soil from drying out and keeps the soil moist. This can reduce watering by up to sixty per cent. Weed growth and germination often compete with your favourite plants for moisture and nutrients. This can also be prevented throug[...]

How To Get Rid Of Possum's Menace?

The only way to get rid of possums successfully is to hire a professional. Do not ever try to do the removal process on your own because it may be futile in the end. Possums are a real menace not only to human beings but also to other animals. They love to steal the eggs of kiwi birds and feed on their chicks. Moreover, when they are in search o[...]

Are All Chemicals Used By Pest Controllers Harmful?

It is often heard that pest controllers use harmful chemicals to kill or remove dangerous critters in our home. However, it is not always necessary that used chemicals are bound to bring negative effects. These kinds of chemicals are safe for environment and also effective in pest management.   Safe pest controlling methods : Pr[...]

How Climate Affects Different Types Of Pests

Ever wondered why activity of pests generally increases after a heavy downpour? Or why there are more rodents like rats and mice during the winter season than in summer? In case you have, you ought to know that climate and weather conditions are bound to influence local pests and the way that they behave. Let’s take a detailed look at how [...]

Pests That Invade Homes In Autumn & Winter

Many homeowners in Australia believe that summer is the most favourite season of pests and this belief is true to a great extent. But that doesn’t mean the critters just sit in their holes and stay lazy all throughout autumn and winter. In fact, according to pest control experts, there are plenty of creatures that love infesting homes when[...]

What Are Wood Boring Beetles?

As their name suggests, wood boring beetles generally feed on living, diseased, dead, dying and decaying trees. With their eating habits, these insects play a significant ecological role because they help in decomposition of deceased plant life by tunnelling through them. However, they are also quite infamous for their annoying quirk of attackin[...]