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Termite Pest Control North Shore

We believe there is no better defence against termites than a home protection plan from R.I.P. After a thorough inspection of your property, our specialist will suggest you a customized combination of treatment processes designed to protect what’s actually the biggest investment of your life . R.I.P. bases treatment strategies on your home/business’ construction type because our experts understand that every property is unique and not all the needs of customers are same.

If you find termites in or around your home call us first. DO NOT spray them with a home insecticide and do not disturb them at all. Quite often we need to use products the termites take to their nests so that they can eliminate themselves. If you disturb or spray the termites yourself, you are only making the control measure more difficult, time consuming and expensive.

So, leave the skilled work to us and let our professionals help you with your termite pest control need. R.I.P’s mission is to provide the best value in termite control in Narrabeen, Hornsby, North Shore and other suburbs of Northern Sydney.

CO2 Termite Detection—The Tool R.I.P. Uses for Termite Inspection in Northern Beaches

After having 20 years of termite experience, we have found out that CO2 TERMITE DETECTION is an advanced and accurate measurement of termite activity. It works instantly and detects live termites through its readings of CO2 levels within materials. It is a most valuable tool in the termite kit. Our other devices give readings in walls, floors, ceilings etc, but this device will automatically tell you if it is termites or not. R.I.P. uses CO2 Termite Detection for assessing termite activity at your property.

Facts regarding termites and their CO2 Production

Termites produce more CO2 each year than all other living things combined. Scientists have calculated that termites alone produce 10 times as much carbon dioxide as all fossil fuels burned in the world in a year. Termites produce this amount of carbon dioxide from their digestion of wood. On average termites expel gas composed of about 59% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane and 4% oxygen.