Termite Control / Inspections

We believe there is no better defence against termites than a home protection plan from R.I.P. After a thorough inspection of your property, our specialist will suggest you a customized combination of treatment processes designed to protect what’s actually the biggest investment of your life . R.I.P. bases treatment strategies on your home/business’ construction type because our experts understand that every property is unique and not all the needs of customers are same.


If you find termites in or around your home call us first. DO NOT spray them with a home insecticide and do not disturb them at all. Quite often we need to use products the termites take to their nests so that they can eliminate themselves. If you disturb or spray the termites yourself, you are only making the control measure more difficult, time consuming and expensive.

So, leave the skilled work to us and let our professionals help you with your termite control need. R.I.P’s mission is to provide the best value in termite control in Narrabeen and other suburbs of Northern Sydney.



Termite Inspections are necessary to all home maintenance programs. The Australian Standard recommends termite inspections be carried out at least on a 12 month basis and more often in high risk areas. Remember that an Auatralian Standard is in fact the minium requirement needed.  A high risk area or high risk home can be due to a multiple of reasons and one our inspector can discuss both on site and in a report. Our reports are generally 13 pages in length with a wealth of knowledge involved , shared and recommendations to reduce your risk of termite attack. If live termites are found on your property we can quote accoprdingly to each individual situation.

As a Professional Termite Manager R.I.P now offer their clients the opportunity to choose THERMAL IMAGING  when conducting termite inspections.When you choose a Thermal Imaging Inspection you will discover that it opens an entire new world and shows varying readings of surface temperature which can then be researched and identified. Our cameras will define a temperature change of 0.6 of a degree such is their high degree of sensitivity. When scanning the walls inside your home we can locate any reasonable size termite nest behind the wall surface ( something that is impossible with a normal visual inspection.)

CO2 Termite Detection—The Tool R.I.P. Uses for Termite Inspection in Northern Beaches

After having 20 years of termite experience, we have found out that CO2 TERMITE DETECTION is an advanced and accurate measurement of termite activity. It works instantly and detects live termites through its readings of CO2 levels within materials. It is a most valuable tool in the termite kit. Our other devices give readings in walls, floors, ceilings etc, but this device will automatically tell you if it is termites or not. R.I.P. uses CO2 Termite Detection for assessing termite activity at your property.

Facts regarding termites and their CO2 Production

Termites produce more CO2 each year than all other living things combined. Scientists have calculated that termites alone produce 10 times as much carbon dioxide as all fossil fuels burned in the world in a year. Termites produce this amount of carbon dioxide from their digestion of wood. On average termites expel gas composed of about 59% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane and 4% oxygen.



How Exterra works against termites.

You have got termites and you want them gone.  Here is how Exterra works.

1.       Exterra starts in the ground

The first step of using Exterra is to install In-ground Stations around your property where termites are likely to be foraging for food.  The Stations contain eucalypt timber interceptors that numerous independent studies have shown are the termites preferred food source.step1


2.       Exterra under the concrete.

If your property is surrounded by concrete, then the special Exterra In-concrete Station is used.  This has a stainless steel cap that seals flush with the pathway.     step2


3.       Exterra inside your home for quick results.

Exterra Above-ground Stations are the preferred approach when termites are already in your home.  Requiem Termite Bait is placed in the safe and sealed Station when it is installed.  Above-ground Stations speed up the process of colony elimination.  After the termite colony is eliminated, the Above-ground Stations are removed.     step3



4.       When the termites are intercepted. 

Termites are easily detected in the Exterra Stations.  The unique (patented) design of the Exterra Station allows the termites to be seen without disturbing them.  This is very important.  The termites are not disturbed when the Requiem Termite Bait is added. step4



5.       The Requiem Termite Bait goes to work.

Requiem Termite Bait is added without disturbing the termites.  This is vital to achieve quick and consistent results.  Requiem is highly palatable to termites and they readily consume it in preference to timber.  In fact, local studies show that once termites start feeding on Requiem, they stop feeding on the timbers in your home!  Requiem is also non-toxic to you and your pets. step5



6.       Termites can’t resist Requiem, leading to the colony’s quick demise.

The termites feed on the Requiem and take it back to the colony where it is fed slowly throughout the entire colony.  Since the termites die gradually, they do not associate the colony’s demise with the consumption of Requiem.  This ensures that the entire colony is eliminated.  step6


7.       The Colony is eliminated.

The remaining Requiem is removed.  Fresh timber interceptors are placed in the In-ground Stations and the Above-ground Stations are removed.  To protect you against the constant threat from new termite colonies or other established colonies, the Exterra System works on an ongoing process of ‘peace of mind’ monitoring, baiting and elimination.    step7


If you need any more information on the elimination of Termites, please contact  R.I.P. Pest Management and we can arrange a free quote for you.