• Do not store timbers or items against exterior walls. The exterior wall must be fully visible so as not to hide any termite or bug entry points to your home.
  • When you bring home your shopping items please throw out all boxes and shopping bags asap.These will often contain cockroach eggs and therefore you are constantly bringing cockroaches into your home .
  • Pizza boxes are the same, eat the yummy pizza but throw the box out .
  • If you have a suspended concrete slab area in your home ( generally under a bathroom ) be sure the forming timbers have been removed. This is a most popular entry point for termites/white ants.
  • If you have had or are going to have insulation batts put in your roof--keep the batts off top plates. Termites travel up wall frames into the roof and into the top plates first. These must be kept visible at all times.
  • Keep vegetation off exterior walls for a number of reasons as it will help termites, rats ,spiders, common ants and possums get into your home.
  • Always check for shower leaks and seal showers to stop water getting into subfloors as this will again attract termites to YOUR home. We will always check this on our termite inspections.
  • Keep your dogs and any pets from spending time under your home as this can become a flea haven.
  • If your hot water tank is against your exterior wall make sure it is not leaking or the overflow pipe is drained away from your wall so this does not attract termites into your home.

IF you follow these friendly tips you may well save thousands of dollars and the inconvenience of having works carried out. If you require any help with your pests, simply contact R.I.P