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Handy Tips For Home Owners

Follow these simple tips to reduce the risk of a pest infestation in your home or office:

  • Don’t store timber or heavy items against exterior walls. Ensure the exterior wall is visible so termite and pest entry points are seen.
  • Throw out all shopping bags and boxes (including pizza boxes) ASAP. These often contain hidden cockroach eggs, which can enter your home.
  • If your home has a suspended concrete slab (i.e. under a bathroom), ensure forming timbers are removed, to discourage termite entry.
  • If you have insulation batts in your roof, keep them off top plates. This is the first entry point for termites, so keep top plates visible.
  • Keep exterior walls free of vegetation, so termites, rats, spiders, ants and possums cannot enter your home.
  • Regularly check your shower for leaks and seal the shower to prevent water getting into the subfloor. This will prevent termites from entering your home.
  • Ensure pets do not explore under the house, as the area is a flea haven.
  • If your hot water tank leans against an exterior wall, check for leaks and ensure the overflow pipe is drained away from your wall to prevent termite entry.

CTA: Simply following these friendly tips could save you thousands. If you need a pest inspection or treatment, please contact R.I.P. today.