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Annual Termite Inspection

R.I.P recommends all home and structures to have an annual Termite Inspection on the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Sydney areas, as they are highly conducive to termite attack. No matter what your house is made of, you are always vulnerable to termite attacks. As we always say to our clients “it’s better to find them now than in 2 years’ time”. The damage and expenses are much greater. We don’t want you to risk your hard earned money by skipping your annual termite inspection.

Annual termite inspection involves thorough inspection of every building, trees, roofs, and voids within the property boundary. It is very important to make sure that no new colonies of termites have been set up within the last year! You might just have built your home on an already infested area. A little negligence from your side can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars!

Home owners insurance doesn't always cover pest damages. So it is rather very important to ensure than you schedule an yearly termite inspection and invest in some great termite protection throughout the year. And that is what we specialise at!

So hurry up and contact us today to book your termite inspection.