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Birds are usually useful in the garden because they are predators of many of our insect pests.  However they can sometimes be a problem, particularly in cities where most of the natural nesting places have been cleared.  Problems caused by some birds include droppings on buildings and walkways, nesting on ledges, in chimneys and on roofs, excessive noise, damage to plants and spreading of disease.  Birds can also have associated pests such as lice and mites which may attack humans and their pets. The main pest birds are the domestic pigeon, the Indian myna and the white cockatoo.

Why can birds be problem?

  • Even though harmless in general, sometimes birds are responsible for damaging structures like big houses and buildings.
  • As an example, suggestive from their name, woodpeckers often use their beaks to peck on all the accessible parts of houses, which often leads to minor or major damages.
  • Their droppings are harmful for health, as they might come in contact with the soil and cause ailments like histoplasmosis.
  • Histoplasmosis is a lung infection which is caused due to inhalation of certain types of spores belonging to the fungi group.
  • It is therefore of utmost importance that birds causing damages to homes and health are not taken lightly and professionals are consulted for dealing with the issue.

While birds might seem harmless and useful in general, here is why you should consider getting solutions for bird infestation :

  1. Bird droppings are often known to have properties which might cause corrosion. This, in turn, can result in the infestation of other pests due to unhygienic and humid conditions. Furthermore, drainage and gutters can be blocked by the droppings which in turn will lead to other pest infestation.
  2. The air conditioning and similar wiring systems can be easily destroyed by a group of birds residing on your roof or nearby.
  3. Birds are known for transmitting over 50 varieties of diseases to human beings.
  4. Most of the times, they can also carry around parasites which again are disease causing and sometimes deadly to humans.
  5. The nests that they build might block spaces and promote pest infestations, dirt, clogging and corrosion.
  6. They can fill your clean and precious abode with bird mites. Bird mites are also known to feed off of human blood, when birds are not available for foraging, and cause severe itching throughout your body.

The feathers, parasites and the droppings together can cause a huge amount of unnecessary contamination and therefore loss of property, business image and money.


  • Seal all unnecessary holes to the roof cavity
  • Consider putting flower pots on window ledges to help deter birds
  • Install wire mesh or a partial covering over your chimney to prevent birds nesting inside
  • Bird spikes to deter landing
  • Bird netting