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Pre Purchase Termite Inspection

It is pretty simple! You must have a termite inspection before you buy your dream home or your retirement investment property. Imagine it having termites or a damage history which leads to your expenses skyrocketing to thousands of dollars to rid of them and repair the damage caused by them. They can weaken the integrity of the structure of your house and spoil the aesthetics of it.

It is very wise to invest in termite inspection before they cause irrepairable damage.Our aim is to offer you comprehensive and independent termite solutions. We look for fungal rot and timber decay, which specifically attract termite nests. After detailed inspection, our experts then provide you with report and assistance with the actions to be taken afterwards regarding the combat against termites. Entrust R.I.P- best professionals to detect and troubleshoot your termite issues.

We will also give your fair warnings about the nooks and corners of your houses most vulnerable to termite attacks. It is always good to know beforehand regarding the possible threats. We provide you a non-invasive assessment and provide an easy, comprehensive report.

Call R.I.P to help you find them and protect your property and give you peace of mind.