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Silverfish are so named because they have silver coloured bodies that are covered with scales and taper toward the rear similar to fish. They are small creatures, up to 15mm long and are very agile and fast moving. Their food preferances are starchy materials like paper,cotton, linen,and most types of things that contain starch or glue. They will also eat human foods. They are usually found in  dark undisturbed places, being nocternal they move quite widely throughout the house at night. The life of a silverfish can range from three months up to two-three years depending on environmental conditions. They tend to breed in roofs and subfloors and are often found comming out of cracks in concrete areas after a service.

Preventative Methods.

  • Check second hand books and clothes if brought into home
  • Store books and papers in light airy conditions
  • Store food in air tight containers. ( this is the case for many bugs )
  • Keep the kitchen clean and free of food scraps