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Possums naturally live in trees, sheltering during the day and comming out at night to search for food. It is common for them to enter roof voids and chimneys when their homes are removed or they loose the battle with a more agressive possum wanting their home. Survival of the fittest in action. They are annoying to people because of the noises they make at night or generally early in the mornings when they are comming back to sleep again. They often leave stains on ceilings and odours from excretions. The possum is a protected creature and must not be killed. The 2 species encounted are the ring-tail and brush-tail possums.

If possums become a problem R.I.P can seal their entry point and therefore block the possum out. This can be done with a one way trap which will allow any possums still in the roof to be safely removed. The possum goes out the door but cannot regain entry.

I.Surrounding your house with fences can resist possums to a certain extent.

II.Ensure that all the garbage cans, specially the ones with food leftovers are shut tightly to prevent them from stealing food and settling nearby to use the convenient food source.

III.DIY Possum trapping is against the law in Australia. However, you can rely on R.I.P. Pest Management to solve your possum problems.

IV.Possums are creatures of nights which makes them stealthy and difficult to detect. Seal off all the unnecessary gaps through fences or any other inlets in your courtyard or house.

V.It is best to leave the job to the professionals like R.I.P Pest Management to avoid any harm or injuries while trying to solve your Possum problems.