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Integrated pest management services

R.I.P. Pest Management specialises in integrated pest management services. We treat houses and offices in Sydney with effective pest control services.

Our specialisation includes cockroach control, spider control, rat & mice control, tick & flea control, bird & lice control, mosquitoe & fly control, silverfish & carpet beetle control and termite control. We are able to do this by a thorough inspection of the property and conducting elimination services using advanced and green products and technologies.

You will get no smell while we treat the pests at your home or office.. We use eco-friendly and safe products for long term pest control.

In simple terms pest control is defined as the eradication of pests. However, pest management is not typically about the termination of pests. It also involves safety concerns regarding our food, overall health and most importantly, our properties which might be subjected to enormous damages if exposed to pests! Protecting the health and property of people is a huge responsibility and we at R.I.P. Pest Management take that responsibility extremely seriously!

The solutions provided by us are designed as per your problems and requirements. Not only that, the treatment will ensure that you do not have to worry about the pest problems for a long time. We put together pest eradication and monitoring solutions which not only eliminates your current problems, but also detects and warns about the oncoming or existing hidden infestations. We do not discriminate on the basis of the size of the target building. Big or small, apartments or stand alone houses, schools or strata, we do it all and with perfection and maximum efficiency.