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Are The Termites Attached To Particular Wood Types?

Are The Termites Attached To Particular Wood Types?
22 Jun2021
The termites could be the small insects having segmented bodies, but they are reputed to destroy any wood-made structures. But you can minimize the damages to be done to your home, once you have understood the taste and preferences of these insidious pests. A few scientists have asserted that the termites have a relation to the ancient cockroaches, and even the termites’ bodies almost appear to contain traits much similar to the ants and roaches.
The soldier termites are having reddish tints at their heads while the worker termites are having translucent heads much similar to their bodies. These termites will be consuming a huge quantity of decaying leaves, paper products, faeces, and plants. Knowing this is extremely important since the termites might be initially attracted to most other items. Once they come over to the main areas of your home in North Shore,  then they are sure to smell the wood's aroma inside your building.

Relationship between the Termites and Wood

The termites, primarily are attached to the materials containing cellulose that is an organic compound. The termites can digest wood as well as paper products since the particular bacteria types are growing inside their abdomen. Their guts even contain protozoa in the substantial amount that enables in breaking the wood down inside their bellies. But the other pests do not have these traits and it is a distinguishing feature. Nevertheless, most homeowners are likely to wonder whether this could create a situation where the termites could end preferring a particular wood type.
Termites have a tendency towards wood digestion since wood is having a decent moisture level. The termites can indirectly consume water by eating foods having the ability in moisture retention. For instance, the damp-wood termites enjoy feeding on the cut-down tree stumps, but they even have the ability in attracting other termite types into your building area. The spring woods are an example of the wood attracting termites. The termites are able to attract other wood types, and these woods are -
  • Red Oak
  • Yellow Pine
  • Spruce
  • Birch
  • Teak
  • Peruvian Walnut

The Need to Hire the Termite Pest Control Services

The termites have the power in invading your property and causing damages to the building structure without having to draw any attention to their very presence. The termites are attracted to the wood containing cellulose and moisture properties.
Nevertheless, the termites will even take the pleasure of entering your home once they have detected the decaying vegetation's smell in the yard. It will be bringing the termites much closer to the doors and give them permission for smelling the woods placed inside the building. Only a few wood types can repel the termites. Before the termites consume all the woods for which they have special preferences, it is a wise move to hire the termite control specialists from a reputed firm in North Shore. It is because if your homes are containing teak or Peruvian walnut-made furniture, then this furniture is at a higher termite infestation risk.
Coming to the end of our discussion, it is worth making a note that the termites can delve deep into certain wood types and cause irreparable damages. Rather, if they can be repaired, then a huge expenditure is necessary. So, before huge damage is done,  make sure you have hired the termite control team from the best company in North Shore for inspections and result-oriented treatments. 
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