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Common Methods for Controlling Pests

Common Methods for Controlling Pests
20 May2015

All the year round, different types of pests invade the dwellings and activity grounds of humans in North Shore, and cause small to large-scale property damage. Pests are considered as nuisances not only for their destructive nature, but also their ability to spread various diseases. There are a number of methods that you can follow for pest control in North Shore.

  • Do not leave ripe fruits uncovered, and store them in the refrigerator to avoid rodents and insects from eating them.
  • Properly clean food spills using water and soap.
  • Regularly cleanse plates and dishes after meals, or keep them immersed in soap water if you want to wash them later.
  • Ensure that all containers of food and drinks in the kitchen are properly sealed.
  • Dispose off all types of garbage and waste material into covered trash bins and wrap up waste food in plastic before dumping it in bins.
  • Maintain cleanliness in toilet areas by using disinfectants and do not allow water to collect in any place as it can become the breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Install fly-screens on vents, and perform repair-work on the existing ones to prevent the entry of rats and mice. Make sure that holes around pipes, leach drains and sceptic tanks are properly sealed.
  • Close all crevices and fissures using silicone caulk, specially in cupboards, mouldings, electrical outlets, sinks, baseboards, etc.
  • Do not keep any vegetation, debris or stacked firewood outside the house as pests can use them to climb up and enter the house
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to catch bugs, fleas, insects and also to clean their nests. Pests will usually die due to suffocation inside the bag of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean behind heavy furniture, electrical appliances, stoves and refrigerators on a regular basis. It will discourage pests from building nests in these places.
  • Keep a spray bottle filled with mixture of soap and water at hand, and spray it over swarms of ants, bugs and other insects whenever necessary. The concoction of white vinegar and coconut oil can also be used, and is very effective in repelling spiders. Another potent bug repelling spray is garlic juice mixed with water. Cloth strips dipped in garlic juice can also be hung at places in and around the house.

Use of chemical means should always be kept as the last option for controlling pests. Proper cleanliness and hygiene conditions usually are enough to keep pests away from your homes and offices.

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