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Critters You Can Expect In Your House During Spring

Critters You Can Expect In Your House During Spring
07 Sep2016

Since spring has already started to knock on everyone’s door, the warm weather is sure to bring plenty of pests out of hibernation, who would then begin to invade households looking for food and shelter. In order to deal with these critters, you ought to have some foreknowledge about them.

Given below are details about the top spring pests and control measures that can be taken against them:

Wasps & Bees
Bees and wasps often take up residence in the wall voids of human dwellings, sleep throughout winter and wake up during spring. Once active, they begin hunting for places to lay eggs and build colonies. If you sight even a single one of them around your property, get in touch with a pest control professional as soon as possible. Request them to treat the suspected areas, eliminate the wasps and relocate the bees.

With the onset of spring, pavement and carpenter ants generally come out of their hiding and start foraging households mainly for food. And the worst thing about them is that they usually invade in large numbers. In order to keep them at bay, store all food items in sealed containers. Also, eliminate all food and drink spills from countertops or floors immediately. Don’t forget to relocate items like wood, under boards, etc that can serve as a harbour for the pest.

Pestering rodents like mice and rats can become a serious nuisance to homeowners during spring too, just like other times of the year. To deny them access, block all holes & crevices that they can use as entry points. Keep all food items sealed away in airtight containers.

We all know that spiders are very common throughout Australia, but they can become more frequent in the spring season. And some of them have venomous bites that can even prove to be fatal for humans. They may hide under furniture items, beneath the kitchen sink and clutters. Since dealing with spiders using DIY techniques is not at all safe, make sure you contact a reputed pest management specialist.

Fleas  are a common spring pest as well, and they generally target pets. So if you have a pet dog or cat at home, you need to be wary all the more. Proper sanitation is the key to keeping fleas away. Giving regular baths to pets also helps.

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