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General Information on Australian Cockroaches

General Information on Australian Cockroaches
06 May2015

Although the name sounds a bit exotic, Australian cockroach is very common in the tropical parts of Australia. Classified scientifically as Periplaneta australasiae, Australian cockroaches are generally found along east coat of Australia, all way from Cape York to Victorian border. Basically native to Africa, this species of cockroach was distributed throughout the world by an international trade.

The Australian cockroach looks very much like an American cockroach. However, the former is a bit smaller and measures between 20-35 mm. It is reddish brown and is characterized by a bright-yellow border around pronotum. Both the female as well as the male specimens have wings, which extend slightly past the abdomen.

These roaches very much prefer humid, warm climates. They basically make homes in decaying logs and wood piles. They often inhabit in conservatories, greenhouses and the indoor gardens. They even enter homes in look out for food or by accident while hiding in the cardboard boxes or plants. After coming inside the home, they hide under the stoves, refrigerators, inside the water pipes, electrical appliances and cupboards. Nocturnal in nature, they come out during night in look out for food.

The Australian cockroaches are basically scavengers and are able to survive on any food. The ones that live outdoors can eat decaying plants, roots and vegetables and the ones that live indoors scavenge for food scarps and ears nearly any food that's left in open. These insects even consume starch materials that are found around home such as book bindings and paper.

Homes that are infested with these species of cockroaches can pose a health threat to the occupants. The reason to this is that these pests generally contaminate the household surfaces by spreading bacteria and droppings from the decaying material they walk over, which leads to the occupants contracting deadly pathogens like E.coli & salmonella. The areas which are infested by these insects also take on a musty smell because of the pheromones they produce.

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