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Getting Rid Of Pests In Spring

Getting Rid Of Pests In Spring
25 Sep2017
Spring in Sydney is just breathtaking with green leaves and colourful flowers around. The pleasant weather seems to be loved by almost all the people. But spring also means it’s time for many nasty pests to invade our homes.

Common Pests in Spring

Birds and bird mites 
Birds and bird mites are common during this season. Keep a close watch on the roof or install wire mesh, netting or bird spikes. Keeping birds out must be the first priority. Birds carry mites which can be there in thousands in their nest. Thus, if they nest on your roof, these mites can start entering once the baby birds have grown up. The mites will then search a new blood meal, which can be the occupants of the house.
Bees and Wasps 
Bees and wasps can also be seen commonly during the spring season. Paper wasps prefer building nest in areas like under the eaves and other similar places. If you notice a paper wasp, it’s recommended that you leave the removal process to the professionals as their sting can be very painful.
When it comes to bees, they like swarming. It is a natural part of the reproductive lifecycle of bees. Warmer weather increases nectar and pollen which causes the colony to increase in population, which further leads to overcrowding of the hive. The swarm prefers resting in cluster on trees, shrubs and objects like fences and buildings. Stay away from swarming bees or call a professional pest control in North Shore.
Other than these mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, ants and ticks are also common during this season.

The Checklist of Prevention

Preventing their entry: Make sure that your fly screens are properly installed.
Reducing clutter: Giving your property a good cleanup after the winter is necessary. Many pests love cluttered items as they provide a good hiding place for them. Clutters are a good shelter especially for spiders.
Trees and Foliage: Make sure to trim down the trees and foliage from the external walls of your home. These are common sites for ants and other pests.
Clean Out Gutters: Gutters are home to cockroaches and mosquitoes. Make sure to clean them by hiring professionals. Cleaning gutter is not a DIY project as it can spread the infestation and also harm you.
Garbage Bins: Keep your bins enclosed. Pests love left out foods, and thus, bins can be a safe haven for them.
The best step above all, is to hire a professional pest control in North Shore just after winter to treat your house for disgusting pests like cockroaches, ants and spiders.
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